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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

4/19 Movies, Group Presentation Schedule and Final Info

Today we gave everyone the choice of which movie to watch.  Very different movies; both with great leadership lessons that help summarize the class.   You will finish the movies a week from today.

Thurs: women leaders: several guests.
We also had groups sign up for the presentation date.  See whiteboard.

Final:  May 5 9:00-11:00 AM

Note exam  description and detailed  grading rubric in syllabus.

Watch your MUGs.

Part 1 and 2: Finish  in exam session.  Closed book/computer.  Designed to take 1/2 hour or less total.

Part 3: Open book/computer.  Finish in exam session, or if more time needed, email by 4:59 pm that day.  Designed to take the majority of the time (Hour?)

Part 1
|One simple question for each textbook, designed to check reading comprehension and  personal application.  Questions will be from the specific, short sections listed, but of course may well need a sense of broad sweep of the book.   May be  a question, multiple choice, or fill in the blanks

a)Strengths-Based Leadership--
 "Why People Follow"/"Leadership That Lasts Beyond a Lifetime" -- pp. 73-95

b)Overcoming the Dark Side of Christian Leadership--
  Step 4: Practicing Progressive Self-Knowledge --pages vary by edition

c)In the Name of Jesus--
     Epilogue --  pp. 75-81

d)A Tale of Three Kings--
      Chapter 8, pp. 21-22.

Part 2
Four  short-answer questions from class content.  Use blog to review.

Part 3
a)Quote the definition of leadership you wrote on your name sign the first week of class.
(If you didn't do it, or don't have access, just write up a short definition; reflecting how you would have defined leadership when the class started).
Now write a new definition, based on learnings from class.  Aim for 1-3 sentences; can be as nuanced and detailed as you like.  This will form the launching pad --maybe even your thesis ot outline--for part b.

b) Essay answer: Using elements from your new definition, and perhaps noting how you have grown from your older definition, incorporate class material to talk about what leadership is to you.
Spend approximately half the time on this, and half the time plotting out a potential plan for the next year of your growth in leadership.  It may be helpful to ultilize the  four parts of the outline of the class.

Three Alternatives for Part 3
-Use the Edwards book as your main focus, and incorproate other class material from there.

-Use Pope Francis as your main focus, and incorporate other class material from there .
  Help : see posts tagged "Pope Francis" here,  a book review/summary here  and here and most of the book Pope Francis: Why He Leads The  
Way He Leads is readable online here.

 -Use the leadership lessons from the movie you chose to watch in  class in April, and incorporate other class material from there.

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