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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Class 2/16: Star Wars part 1/Quiz questions/Timelines and Testations

I can't wait to see what group 5 does with my Starbucks card.  What a risky case study in leadership!

Quiz Thurs: Shhhhh! all questions below.
If at least five people post in the comments section below (by 9:30 Thurs. that they want the quiz to be open book/open just might be so!
(Sign in as "anonymous" if you don't have one of the accounts listed)

1)Give a leadership lesson from the first half of "Star Wars"( that we watched today).
(if you missed class Tues, you can see the first half hour online here  ..or use an illustration from any Star Wars film--plenty of examples in the links below)

2)Vader on the couch:

Is Anakin/Darth a narcissistic leader bipolar, narcissist (or something else?)
Build your case from  class readings/discussions, and these links below

3)Think about your life timeline (see chart above, and today's timelines below), whether or not you have done yours in class yet,
and tell about an event somewhere where your
 personality style's dark side caused you to trip up, err, or make a wrong decision (remember Dave's examples today?).  Include in your answer at least one quote, story or reference from your "Dark Side" assigned reading so far, and one reference to the link on "timelines and temptations" here

4)What project did your group choose?
5) Paragraph on your practicum

Darth Vader: Pyschological assesment as Borderline

Anakin Skywalker: Borderline Personality, Bipolar or Narcissist?

Putting Darth Vader On The Couch

Anakin Skywalker - Wookieepedia - Wikia

Darth Vader -


Star Wars videos and links