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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

3/1: Mid term details/King Herod/Visit from the president

Not only did we have some great student presentations and amazing student timelines ( see pic)...but FPU president Rich Kriegbaum came to pray for us, and thank you for praying for his daughter, my wife (Updates here and here).


"Devotional" songs from class today:

The entire exam has been emailed, and is posted below.  Consider it take-home and open book.
Officially it is due by the end of this week to
But because I was out of the country due to wife's surgery etc, and was late getting it to you, you can wait to submit it until midnight Tues 3/15 , the first class day after spring break.

We took a half-hour to prep for it today, and Thurs in class, we will save the entire last hour for you to work on it, so bring your textbooks.  Consider it as a 90 minute in-class exam if you like, though you can also consider it take-home.    So you decide how long that should be. For those travelling on our teams, just work when you can and see the deadlines above.

As I said, pay careful attention to the syllabus pages.  It's easy to get a C, but why not get yourself higher?  The syllabus tells how.


Mid-Term Exam Min 357 Spring 2016

Be sure to review these pages from the syllabus: “Quizzes and Exams” on page 3 (to see what exceptional exams will draw from), “Philosophy of Grading,” p. 4 and the detailed rubric for exams on page 6. 

1)From the “Strengths” book Part 2,   identify your dominant domain,  and based on  the case study of the  leader  chosen from your domain, compare/contrast what you might have done if you were that leader in the same company, position and circumstances. 

2) From the “Dark Side” book Part 2, using material from the chapter describing your “dark side,” honestly assess yourself.    Be sure to include interaction with the “signs” and what is “at the heart” of that dark side.    Interact significantly with Step 2 from Part 3 of the book.

3) From your notes and blog notes for classes on 2/2 and 2/23-25 and at least two other dates that you choose, reflect very personally on how this class is affecting, challenging or  stretching  you.

4) Optional/bonus:   Summarize and analyze the leadership style of either  King Herod (see the 3/1  class discussion/blog links) or Anakin/Darth Vader (search key words on class blog: Vader, Star Wars etc).  You are welcome to do both!


We watched "In the Shadow of Herod"  from Ray Van Der Laan on Jesus vs. Herod (you might call it "a tale of two kings" below.

I often show this  to show how much can be loaded into one verse that we gloss over, as it looks like just a boring historical marker.
But Matt. 2:1, "In the days of Herod, Jesus was born" is quite loaded, once we get the historical context.

Nobody has that verse on a bumper sticker or T-shirt, but it is full of meaning.

On our last trip to Israel, right outside our hotel window, we could see not only Bethlehem, but the Herodian,,,as you can see in this clip, every morning when we opened the blinds, we inevitably saw (as he would have wanted it) Herod's Herodian.
Once you
have seen the Van Der Laan video below, you'll get how powerful and prophetic object lesson that was.  Of course, look for leadership lessons.

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Here is Van Der Laan Video, "In the Shadow of Herod," we watched in class:

 Alternate version, more Christmas-themed
"The True Christmas Story:"


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