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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

class 2/4 and 2/9 : Star Wars exercise,Dave L on the Dark Side,Trump as Narcissist , Lucifer Effect, Myers Briggs, Timelines cont.


Dr Ray Trembley will be speaking in my class 6pm 2/10 at North Fresno Campus

I was a bit uncomfortable using the urinal at church today..but at least Jerome Trembley is watching over me — with Jerome Trembley a

excert from Fresno Bee article about Ray:
“I enlisted right before 9/11 and shipped right after,” he said. Trembley was “full of the hope any millennial had. And then we went to war.”
He trained for two years before beginning work as a submarine nuclear reactor operator on the USS Memphis. He doesn’t reveal details about his missions, but will say that he’s traveled to more than 20 countries, was deployed three times and served in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
He’ll also tell you about being underwater for days, one time for 97 in a row off the coast of Somalia. Another time his sub was under the North Pole when a fire broke out. Eight feet of sea ice between the submarine and the surface kept it underwater. He had to don an emergency air mask as crews put out the flames.
“Life on the submarine was very challenging. Things break, you’ve got to fix them or you die,” he said. Nothing he’d face in the future would ever be as tough as
Fresno Pacific magazine article about his medical intership  here

  ‘How Jesus Became God’ author in Fresno

Read more here:


  • 2.4 Taylor

    •   Solarin
    •   Shapland

2.9:  Salas, Rosa


unpack these Star Wars clips:


Star Wars videos and links


Summary of Dark Side book (PDF)

Your "Dark Side Susceptibility Quotient" ("DSSQ") can be computed by the following basic formula:
Drive to Achieve + Unmet Needs + Existential Debt + Direction =   DSSQ

Trump as Narcissist?  
Quiz Thurs: answer the question, is Donald Trump a narcissist according to our Dark Side book?  Is he an unhealthy narcissist according to these links below.  Your answer should show that you read the links and watched the video clips


Dave Logan - The Dark Side of Leadership:
There is a fact that most leadership experts know, but rarely discuss: great leadership requires bringing together people’s light sides (aspirations, values, and dreams) with their dark side (frustration, anger, and disgust with the status quo). Think of leaders you respect and admire, and most of them have enormous dark sides that are partially responsible for their success.
But how do we tap the dark side without becoming possessed by it? This presentation will show you how. This is the first time I will talk about this material, which will be the subject of a book I will publish in 2014.
The take aways include:
1. Discover some aspect of yourself that is new to use in your own personal leadership.
2. Use that aspect as a source of motivation to use in service of your work/mission.
3. Learn how to reframe your personal and professional challenges.
4. Discover how to develop a noble obsession that will cause you to be crazy productive in your business.
Bottom Line:
Great leadership requires tapping your dark side.
Dave is a #1 New York Times best-selling author, management consultant, and USC faculty member. Dave Logan is co-founder of CultureSync, a management consulting firm specializing in cultural change and leadership development. CultureSync’s clients include dozens of Fortune 500 firms, governments around the world, and major nonprofits. At USC, Dave teaches leadership in the Executive MBA, and co-teaches a world-renown course with leadership guru Warren Bennis and Steve Sample, who has president of USC for 18 years. Dave has a Ph.D. in Organizational Communication from the Annenberg School at USC.  link

Zimbardo: Lucifer Effect: transcript

 Quite an amazing Colbert episode

Philip Zimbardo - Video Clip | Comedy Central

..Blogger "Living dangerously" says

In the interview below, Colbert talks with Philip Zimbardo, a professor at Stanford ..about his book The Lucifer Effect. To make a long story short, Colbert seems to slip out of character towards the end of the interview and gives Zimbardo quite the theological lecture. While he uses a rather unfortunate selection of words at the end, the preceding 30 seconds provide an interesting dose of Arminian theology…not exactly standard fare on the late night talk show circuit. The reaction of the audience to his outburst is also intriguing. My interest in what is actually going on in Stephen Colbert’s head has been further piqued.


Zimbardo himself posted:

I knew Colbert was a practicing Catholic, as I used to be, so knew I could push his button by declaring Lucifer was right and God was wrong in the confrontation over Lucifer’s alleged disobedience to authority– and It worked!

In a 5 min segment, I did not pretend to debate deep theological issues with him or anyone, the purpose was to make it an interesting interview and to have people remember to associate Zimbardo with The Lucifer Effect and buy my book.

PS, we will soon be selling those T shirts that I gifted to Colbert, on my web site, with all profits going for site maintenance. The reverse side is even more interesting than the front– which I designed.

Phil Zimbardo, link

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Philip Zimbardo
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today's Bible study (click below):

still think "he that is in the world" is the devil ...?

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  1. We gathered up our group and then proceeded on our adventure for the day. We journeyed over to the North Fresno Center where we discovered the couch which had previously been disheveled. There we found a nickel and a stylus amongst other small treasures left behind in the couch. Our journey continued down Friant to Blackstone where we drove until we ended up in downtown. We saw things that we hadn't noticed before, and we were not sure if we saw what we were supposed to see, but we definitely saw some things. Our adventure consisted of great tunes, lots of laughs, and fun conversations.

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