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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Class 1/21

Set theory and teams

Quiz 2 today: name one one of sets and describe in your own words.

Check post from last class to see if your individual presentation is due soon:

Leadership article/Scripture review (3 minutes each)
Because speaking skills are so important to leadership, each student will have an opportunity to lead a portion of class discussion. Students will need to select either an article from a magazine or journal that deals with leadership in some form or a passage of Scripture related to the day’s topic and prepare a one-page summary of the article’s/Scripture’s main points to be distributed to all members of the class. At the beginning of most classes, two students will present 3-minute summaries of the article/Scripture, summarizing the main points, and discussing why the issues are important for contemporary leadership. The assignment will be graded on the quality and relevance of the oral and written presentation. 20 points (3% of overall grade)

Remember to research/Google/guess what  
"Was Polonius right?"
 (question from last class)and today's question
“If Hamlet was born a prince, doesn’t that, make him a king?" mean in context of the class.

Your group number is on your name sign.
Here are the team names you chose

Group Project (6-8 pages, plus class presentation)

A key part of leadership is the ability to assess and address areas of need. For this project, groups of 4-5 students will identify an area of need on campus or in the community, and take the steps listed below.

·  Describe the need and why it is significant enough to deserve attention.

·  Research what the key elements are of the issue.

·  Identify any past or current attempts at addressing the issue, including an analysis of why they succeeded or failed.

·  Brainstorm possible solutions to the issue.

·  Identify the single most promising solution and explain why you think it has potential to work.

·  What losses might people have to experience?

·  Discuss potential obstacles to success. Which are technical and which are adaptive?

Successful presentations will incorporate the following characteristics:

·  All members are integrally involved in the presentation.

·  All members are dressed appropriately for the presentation.

·  Appropriate and excellent visual and technological resources are used in the presentation.

Groups will submit one 6-8 page report on their project and will make a 10-15 minute presentation to the class that discusses their findings. Two-thirds (100pts) of each team member’s grade will be based on the quality of the group’s work and one-third (50pts) will be based on the quality and level of the individual’s participation in the group. Research topics must be approved with the instructor. 150 points (25% of overall grade)


Field trip!  Click this link for the stories

Matrix continued from where we left off
Today's transcript , see pages 6-8 here .


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